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NOTV produces original content: film, TV and audiovisual events. One of our specialisations is adding the visual dimension to music and vice versa. We do this by developing formats and helping artists to expand their multimedia vocabulary and tools, utilising modern technologies and in line with present audience demands. Hereby we fulfil todays opportunities for audiovisually equipped (film & music) festivals, venues, theatres, concert halls, musea and homes. Also TV can no longer do without crossmedia interactivity.
NOTV works with innovative artists and talents in these new multidisciplinary productions, providing the complementary dimensions and technologies. This way we create new opportunities and markets within the music, film and TV industry.

How do we do this?
Todays media use in art and entertainment has drastically changed. Artists now express themselves through a plethora of exciting new tools previously unthinkable. Their audience is reached through classic channels, in live settings and on a myriad of online devices. Modern times therefore demand a new tactical approach by artists, festivals, theatre programmers, TV, film and music industry. The challenge is to obey to emerging modern media rules and user expectations. If taken seriously this provides a new and enormous potential for innovative (re-)packaging of entertaining arts content, serving the audience the pluriform sensitive experiences they expect - live and on the wide range of devices they prefer.
Cross-media is key and it is here to stay. NOTV develops and supports exciting new media productions through our vision, experience and technological knowhow.

We kicked off in 2005 with the Peter Greenaway Tulse Luper VJ Performance and Anton Corbijn's first live VJ performance. Both delivered mind-blowing experiences - it had not been done before and it rocked the crowd, opening the eyes of many fellow artists. Audiovisual live performances followed with Jacob ter Veldhuis (a.k.a. JacobTV). NOTV extended the award-winning animated shortfilm "Barcode" by leading techno DJ Secret Cinema and VJ Finister into a full-blown live DJ/VJ performance which we published on DVD. Many projects followed, always with an exciting interaction between visuals and music. We brought these projects to many places in the world, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Moscow, New York, Chicago, Rio, Sao Paulo, Brisbane.

In 2016 we decided to expand our activities with film, documentary and TV series productions. With a solid track record in film- and event production in combination with our specialist background in theatre and new media we sense new opportunities in the fast changing art and media landscape. An exciting journey in which we partner with artists, musicians, DJs and EDM specialists, production companies, distributors and broadcasters.


Robert Koumans
Creative Director and Managing Partner

Entrepreneur, new media specialist, producer, musician, photographer, petrolhead. Kicked off his career as vehicle dynamics specialist and aircraft engineer (fly-by-wire flight control systems) but found his destination in the combination of art & technology. Founded the New Amsterdam IT Group, specialised in new media and broadband since 1995. NAIT was pioneer in internet audio/video streaming and specialised in complex multidisciplinary media productions, websites and apps. We published the leading Dutch comedy (Cabaretweb) and film (Filmview) portals. NAIT developed prototypes for ‘second screen’ applications for Formula 1 and MotoGP, and created projects for amongst others Endemol, SBS, European Space Agency, Jewish Historical Museum, City of Amsterdam, Dutch Royal Library, Universal Pictures. NAIT produced several cross-over theatre productions including tango (Castle Amerongen), flamenco (Concertgebouw) and interactive film productions. Toured the world with the Peter Greenaway VJ Performance. Published books and apps on musical instruments (Tipbook Company). Biggest dream (next to the exciting NOTV venture): having his Vandenbrink 599 GTO built. Fingers crossed...

Jan Boiten

Creative Director and Managing Partner

Artist, musician, filmer, producer, entrepreneur. Studied at Conservatory and Arts Academy. Teaches scenography and multimedia at Theatre Academy Amsterdam, Rietveld Academy, Artez. Lived in Amsterdam and Boston USA. Worked as scenographer and video/light designer on many music theatre projects all over the world: Scapino-Ballet (Rotterdam), Tanztheater Osnabrueck (D),  Corpus-acrobatics, Opera and Ballet Heidelberg (D), Van den Ende / Stageholding (musicals), Concertgebouw-orkest, Concertgebouw, Peter Greenaway & Saskia Boddeke (Moscow), ASKO-ensemble, G-Star, Diesel, WINK, Aurelius Kwartet, Clazz Ensemble, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, The Stolz-kwartet, Dance Company Nanine Linning, VARA Cabarestafette, Rosa Ensemble, Erik van Muiswinkel, Vincent Bijlo, Bram Vermeulen. Jan did projects for many festivals, including Oerol (Terschelling), De Parade (Amsterdam), Festival der alten music (Klagenfurt), Festival Boulevard (Den Bosch), Nederlandse Opera Dagen (Rotterdam), Visual Music Festival (Berlin), Fulcrum Point New Music Projects (Chicago), Visual jazz (Rome), Bread and Butter (Barcelona), De Melkweg (Amsterdam), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Carré (Amsterdam), Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (Amsterdam), Glow Festival (Eindhoven), Boston Opera House (Boston USA), De Nederlandse Opera/ Muziektheater (Amsterdam), Holland Festival (Amsterdam), ID&T, Lowlands Festival, Mons Belgium (European Capital of Culture). With Jacob ter Veldhuis a.k.a. JacobTV he created the visuals for "Cities change the songs of birds" and "The News". Created theatre performances with amongst others Dutch actor Hans Dagelet. Made several documentaries and corporate films. Created  together with stage director Caecilia Thunnissen 'Wannaplayground' project with swings and seesaws controlling music and light.

Eric Sas

Corporate finance

Co-founder in 1995 of the New Amsterdam IT Group (NAIT), the man who found the honey pot allowing the company to grow to 80 people. He co-headed Funda.nl, contributed to the growth of cable company CAIW and is pushing Europe's market leading 3D printer company to big heights. Mezzanine-afficionado (nobody knows what that is), venture capital warrior, wine connoisseur, Citroen DS addict, and the most amicable bean counter the world ever witnessed. His greatest talent however may be his visionary approach in creating and growing companies. As John Sculley said: "Rule 1: change the rules. Rule 2: you better get your metrics right": Eric knows when to pull the whistle and hold his horses but also when to floor the pedal to the metal. A remarkable man.

Reinier van Brummelen

Director Of Photography

Master cinematographer, well known by his breathtaking esthetic work with e.g. Peter Greenaway (The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover, Tulse Luper Suitcases, Nightwatching e.a.) and Ben Sombogaard (Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek). Blending a visionary imagery approach with unique technical skills his star has risen to exceptional heights. Recently he also directed the documentary ‘To stay alive - a method’ with actor Iggy Pop. A wizzard with an experimental and brilliant eye.

Karin S. de Boer


Through her work as producer and production manager for many films (amongst others Peter Greenaway’s Eisenstein in Guanajuato, Paul Verhoeven’s Blackbook, TV series 'Brussel') she gained a rock-solid reputation as a passionate and committed filmmaker with no fear for unknown grounds and with interest in new developments in filmmaking.

Job Robbers

Live director

A man with guts and vision. As head of Directors at Endemol Sport he introduced new technologies and visual approaches for exciting viewer engagement. His heart is also with electronic dance music. As chief video director he brought live DJ shows to worldwide audiences, including shows by Armin van Buuren and Skrillex (Red Rocks, Madison Square Garden new years eve show).

Marco Jagtman


Responsible at United (Hilversum) for cutting-edge technologies and the fruits this will bear. As scout, innovator, instigator and motivator his focus is on new business development, bridging the worlds of video and film through emerging UHD/HDR technologies. A 24/7 committed man, inspiring NOTV to ride the 21st century technology wave.







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