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NOTV: Unlocking the Future of Ticketed Streaming

Welcome to NOTV, the game-changer in the world of online concerts and events! We are thrilled to present our revolutionary platform that enables you to sell tickets, stream live and distribute video-on-demand (VOD) content, all while effortlessly handling ticket sales and due royalty payments. And the best part? It comes at practically zero cost. The sky’s the limit with NOTV!


  • Plan Your Concert or Event: Whether you’re a musician, performer, speaker, festival, event organizer or venue, start by envisioning your next big moment. Craft a captivating concept and prepare your content to leave your audience spellbound.
  • Record Your Event: Capture the magic of your performance by recording it in high-quality audio and video. With professional equipment or even a smartphone, you can effortlessly create content that resonates with your audience. Need a recording crew? We can help you with that!
  • Livestream or Upload to NOTV: Choose your preferred mode of distribution. For a live experience, connect your streaming app to NOTV’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and let your event unfold in real-time. Alternatively, upload your recorded video to NOTV for on-demand viewing or pay-per-view options.


Gone are the days of complicated ticketing systems, copyright concerns, and royalty payment management. NOTV takes care of it all, allowing you to focus on what you do best: delivering an unforgettable performance. Our platform automates ticket sales, ensures copyright compliance, and handles due royalty payments to copyright holders for songs you perform. We’ve got you covered, so you can focus on creating an extraordinary experience for your audience.


NOTV is the long-awaited breakthrough in ticketed streaming, providing an unmatched all-in-one platform. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Low-Threshold Use: We believe that ticketed streaming should be accessible to all. Our user-friendly interface and straightforward processes make it easy for anyone to monetise their event, regardless of technical expertise.
  • Integration of All Necessary Aspects: Forget the hassle of managing multiple platforms. NOTV is the only platform bringing together ticket sales, livestreaming, VOD, copyright handling, and due royalty payments, streamlining your event’s management under one roof.


Ready to take your event to the next level? Get in touch with us today to discuss your upcoming concert or event. Our team at NOTV is dedicated to making your vision a reality and helping you unlock new revenue streams. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on delivering an incredible performance. The future of ticketed streaming starts here!


Latest stories

SLAVA BEATS benefit DJ events


“Slava Beats” is a worldwide series of benefit DJ events to raise awareness and funds for the Ukrainian “Stolen Voices” program.Background: at least 19,546 Ukrainian children have been identified as forcibly deported to Russia and Occupied Territories. Orphans Feeding Foundation (OFF) has been asked by the Presidential Office of Ukraine to help repatriate them. To raise awareness more visibility needs to be created for worldwide engagement and support. OFF and her partners NOTV and Mean-Dream are therefore launching a series of fundraising DJ events that will be streamed live to... (read on)

Mike is terug: PODIUM Boddé


Mike Boddé presenteerde in maart 2024 een nieuwe serie optredens onder de naam ‘Podium Boddé’, waarin hij zijn mooiste klassieke nummers van de afgelopen 9 jaar televisie ten gehore brengt.Mike verwierf grote bekendheid door zijn deelname aan o.a. de populaire tv programma’s Kopspijkers, De Mike & Thomas Show en Podium Witteman.De serie startte zondag 31 maart 2024 in de nieuwe Rotterdamse cultuur-hotspot Boerderij Driebergen. Mike Boddé bracht speciaal voor dit optreden zijn beste muzikale nummers en het verhaal erbij. Het optreden was exclusief op NOTV te bekijken als livestream... (read on)



NOTV, streaming partner of the Orphans Feeding Foundation, produced the video for the “Bring Kids Back UA” worldwide promotional campaign. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, thousands of children have been forcibly removed by Russia from their families, friends and homes. So far, the Ukrainian government has only been able to identify 19,546 of them, while the Russian authorities mention up to 700,000 Ukrainian children now in Russia. To this date, less than 400 children have been returned to Ukraine and re-united with their families… The Ukraine humanitarian... (read on)

Avond van de Kleinkunst Livestream


Click for livestream video impression

On June 19 2023 NOTV provided the beautiful LIVESTREAM of “De Avond van de Kleinkunst” (Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival) live from De Kleine Komedie Amsterdam. Production in cooperation with HappyThoughtsMedia and KRO-NCRV. Special thanks to Patrick Verlouw for the excellent quality! 🙂

Reseller program started


NOTV launched its Reseller Program: we invite companies in the audiovisual / media scene to become a NOTV reseller. A partnership with our turnkey ticketed streaming platform NOTV offers you the possibility to expand your (paywall) services to your existing and new clients. Interested? Send us your request via our application form.

NOTV is live!


NOTV introduces: ticketed streaming concerts! Our unique turnkey platform allows anyone to stream live or VOD concerts and events anywhere in the world. Free or with a ticket price. Local or worldwide. Do-it-yourself or serviced by us. Hassle-free, accessible for all. We handle the ticket sales, rights issues and promotion tools. You just play! CREATOR-TO-CONSUMEROur mission is to stimulate creativity and help provide economic relief to worldwide artists, cultural entrepreneurs, venues, institutions and companies by offering possibilities to monetize your events.At the same time... (read on)

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