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NOTV is a unique turnkey streaming platform for artists, venues, individuals and companies to broadcast live and prerecorded concerts and events to selected audiences at selected places at selected times. Free or with a ticket price. Local or worldwide. Do-it-yourself or serviced by us.
Check our slide presentation, demo video and our plans.

Streaming is here to stay, providing access to a worldwide audience for everyone. Ticketing however changes the ball game completely, demanding secure streaming (one ticket = one stream), easy payment systems and handling of copyright & performance rights payments to all applicable collection societies. That is where NOTV comes in: we handle all these issues for you and provide you with an easy marketing and promotion toolkit. You just play!


On top of that, NOTV introduces ‘micro-geofencing’. This allows you to draw your own perimeter limits, e.g. around a city, building, park, beach area, playing field etc. By restricting the geographical area in which your streaming content will play, your event or content can now be “location-based”. You decide where your content can be viewed or heard, stimulating your target audience to physically visit that area. Let that sink in… as scarcity creates demand, imagine what new formats or business models you can now create! See how it works in our demo video.

Set the geofencing perimeter yourself.


Accelerated by todays pandemic circumstances the world seeks improved and tailored ways to communicate, engage and for many: alternative ways to make a living. Key aspects hereby are relevance, trustworthiness, ease of use, and last but not least: reach. Especially the heavily hit cultural branche urgently needs innovative business models and marketing tools in order to survive. The technological ingredients are here; critical now is the quest for affordable, efficient and sustainable models and applications offering authentic, high value connectivity to a local or worldwide passionate audience.


NOTV’s mission is to fulfill today’s changing communication and business needs by providing an accessible flexible solution for individuals and companies to communicate and monetize their music, ideas or services. We do this by creating a platform offering a unique integration of technologies and tools that enable our clients to provide their services and entertainment as they choose to whoever they choose.

This way NOTV aims to stimulate creativity and help provide economic relief to worldwide artists, cultural entrepreneurs, venues, institutions and companies. At the same time NOTV offers an exciting new service for any creative mind to bring their talent, idea or service to the right audience. Hassle-free, accessible for all. Check our plans.


NOTV comes as a do-it-yourself online platform, providing unique OTT media services (bypassing traditional media channels) through a smart combination of technologies:

  • streaming and Video/Audio On Demand
  • geofencing (localisation via Wifi, IP & GPS)
  • payment services
  • rights collection management
  • easy do-it-yourself setup
  • recommendation engine



With NOTV you can create the following types of services and events.
They can be ticketed, subscription-based, donation-based or free.

  • Concerts: paid or free online artist concerts; live or prerecorded; local or worldwide
  • Album / product presentations: exclusive (time/location limited) audio or video previews
  • Messages: e.g. local welcome message, instructions, background information on location
  • Tours: e.g. guided tours for museums, parks, zoos, cities, historic areas & sites, monuments
  • Events: time/location limited special events (e.g. brand sponsored) with exclusive audio/video
  • Workshops: paid workshops, seminars, presentations, readings, etc.
  • Lessons: subscription-based music courses, yoga lessons, training & instruction sessions, etc.
  • Games: location and/or time based games


Your smartphone notifies you: a personal home concert of your favourite artist is coming up tonight! For €10 she invites her worldwide fan base to join her exclusive webcast on NOTV at 21:00 pm CET sharp!

Always wanted to play flamenco guitar? NOTV offers you an online course by a famous flamenco guitarist. Subscribe and get continuous access to 24 lessons of 30 minutes each! Questions? Chat with your teacher!

As a DJ you want to create a special event to announce your new album and upcoming tour. But hey, you want it to be special and get media coverage… Send your followers a notification: “Good news: you are the first to enjoy my new release! This Friday I perform my latest tracks near you. From 21.00 to 23.00 hrs CET you can listen and watch the show online, but only (!) on The Dam Square in Amsterdam. Register quick; on behalve of government regulations only 500 people can join. After my performance I will tell you about my upcoming tour. Can’t make it Friday? Buy a ticket for my upcoming performance in The ArenA!”. Your event page NOTV.com/djevent shows a button to click for information about your new tour and to buy tickets through your ticketservice.

During your visit to Barcelona and walking over the Ramblas you get a push notification. You hear a voice: ”Welcome to Barcelona! The Ramblas, where you are now, is one of the most well known places. Enjoy the view of the people at the terrace of Hotel Espana and get a free cup of coffee as guest of Axel Hotel.”

Hiking with your family through Yellowstone National Park you spot a sign at the entrance, asking you to go to NOTV.com/yellowstone for a personalised guide. After 5 minutes you receive a push voice message pointing you to the nearest tree with a giant owls nest. You can even click for a an inside view of the nest with the latest news from the local forester. Continuing your walk you receive another message approaching a beautiful sand dune: “Enjoy the sight listening to the music of Bob Dylan, composed on this very hill!”.

Waiting in line for a museum you spot an information sign: “Go to NOTV.com/museum to get a free audio introduction to the museum while waiting in line!”.

Want to bring your book readings or poetry to a worldwide audience? Create a series of reading events on NOTV and offer paid subscriptions to your fans so they can listen to your live or prerecorded webcasts each Thursday evening from 20:00 to 21:00 hrs.

Want to bring a personal message to visitors to a special location? Create a ‘location-based’ event on NOTV, set your ‘geofencing’ perimeter and upload your video. Invite (lure!) your fans or customers to the location and let them enjoy your audio or video message on site! How about a special music performance only to be enjoyed at a specific beach area or park? And why not selling drinks or special seafood dinners on location?

NOTV makes it all possible! Check our plans here.

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