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NOTV, streaming partner of the Orphans Feeding Foundation, produced the video for the “Bring Kids Back UA” worldwide promotional campaign.
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, thousands of children have been forcibly removed by Russia from their families, friends and homes. So far, the Ukrainian government has only been able to identify 19,546 of them, while the Russian authorities mention up to 700,000 Ukrainian children now in Russia. To this date, less than 400 children have been returned to Ukraine and re-united with their families… The Ukraine humanitarian programme ‘Bring Kids Back UA’ aims to identify the stolen children of Ukraine, increase international support for repatriation and care for as many of the deported children as possible, and provide input of their cases to the International Criminal Court of The Hague.
Read more on OFF-NGO.ORG about the thousands of Ukrainian children being deported to Russia and occupied territories… You can help by donating on off-ngo.org/donate/ !

Director: Bram van Splunteren
Music: Fatboy Slim
production: NOTV


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