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En Las Sombras


A live tango performance / shortfilm.

On 16 September 2010 tango dancer Christiane Palha and (on special invitation) tango dancer Esteban Moreno presented at Castle Amerongen (the Netherlands) a special tribute to tango music and dance, titled: EN LAS SOMBRAS. 

Through an innovative combination of music, dance and film this special group of internationally renowned tango artists offer a highly esthetical and involving story, highlighting the passionate essence of the tango. Guided by the captivating music of amongst others Astor Piazzolla the traditional mystery and improvisations of the tango are shown. The live video projections are inspired by the Argentine poem ‘EN LAS SOMBRAS’ (Manuel Meaños, 1936).

Dancers Christiane Palha and Esteban Moreno combine in cooperation with grand master Gustavo Beytelmann, Andre Heuvelman, Santiago Cimadevilla, Micha Molthoff and video maker Altin Kaftira their artistic qualities, resulting in an evening of synergy and serendipity. With her beauty, history, nature and style Castle Amerongen with her premises offered the perfect location for this special event.

The EN LAS SOMBRAS special audiovisual performance was a great success, so we decided to bring the performance to other special venues and theatres again. The show was held in 2012 in Club Dauphine, Amsterdam. 


Christiane Palha (Brasil)
Esteban Moreno (Argentina) 

Gustavo Beytelmann : piano
Andre Heuvelman : trumpet
Santiago Cimadevilla : bandoneon
Micha Molthoff : violin 

Video: Altin Kaftira 

Production: NOTV 


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