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NOTV offers several types of content, varying from unique live concerts to location-based events to Video-On-Demand. We just started to prepare our next pilot projects, so more events will be coming up soon. Interested to do a pilot project with us? Contact us!


  • The Fools Ark
    Type: Video on demand (pay-per-view) Duration: 46 minutes Price: €5,00 The Fall & Rise of the Fool’s Ark is an enchanting animation movie by DADARA & JESSE accompanied by the music of LAMB and HIPOPTIMIST. The colorful surrealistic roadmovie plays on the background of the legendary Burningman Festival in the USA. In a mix of realworld film and computer animations the movie tells […]
  • The 100 Miles Of Amsterdam
    Video impression of Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos’ participation with her classic Amilcar in the 2016 edition of “The 100 Miles Of Amsterdam” rally. Presented by Coachbuild.com. Production by NOTV and United. Copyright NOTV.com. Music: A Cool Cat in Town (Aerophon Mix); Tape Five
  • The Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music
    The Seven Symphonies – A classical tribute to Beach Boys music by the Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra. Arrangements by Roeland Jacobs. For four years, Roeland Jacobs (musician and arranger) and Rob van Weelde (co-founder of WedgeView Studios and owner of the WedgeView label) worked on the project The Seven Symphonies – A classical tribute to Beach Boys music. For this project, 33 songs by […]
  • Kwintelooyen
    Professor Erik Scherder zei het al: wanneer je muziek luistert met daarbij een experience op een locatie zoals Kwintelooijen Rhenen maakt een ieder zijn eigen unieke associatie van wat ze horen en ervaren. Je betreedt het goddelijke, je bent een Creator. Andre en Frans van RE:SET. music production & experiences hebben een track gecomponeerd geïnspireerd op het natuurpark Kwintelooijen. SoundWhere biedt je deze […]
  • En Las Sombras
    A live tango performance / shortfilm. On 16 September 2010 tango dancer Christiane Palha and (on special invitation) tango dancer Esteban Moreno presented at Castle Amerongen (the Netherlands) a special tribute to tango music and dance, titled: EN LAS SOMBRAS.  Through an innovative combination of music, dance and film this special group of internationally renowned tango artists offer a highly esthetical and involving […]
  • Music Expert Talks
    MUSIC EXPERT TALKS – IMPRESSIONA new series of crossover music livestreamsLive from Splendor Amsterdam MASTERCLASS BY ANDRE HEUVELMAN & MIKE DEL FERROWhat if a famous JAZZ musician, traveling around the world, is meeting up with one of the finest CLASSICAL trumpet players from Europe? Is that called CLAZZ or is this going deeper? Are we what we do or do we what we […]
  • Desiderio
    This performance video premiered on Feb 14 2021and is continuously available via NOTV. DESIDERIO “Strange, the desire for certain pleasures is a part of my pain.”Khalil Gibran ‘He who binds to himself a joyDoes the winged life destroyBut he who kisses the joy as it fliesLives in eternity’s sunrise’William Blake CreditsChristiane Palha – danceAndre Heuvelman -trumpetSantiago Cimadevilla -bandoneonOriginal song Dicitencello vuje by Rodolfo […]

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