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How about copyrights?


If you create an event on NOTV you agree that you are the rightful publisher or lawful owner of all title and intellectual property rights in and to your event content which may be accessed by viewers through use of the NOTV platform. If this is not the case the respective third party copyright owner(s) are protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and treaties. NOTV grants you no rights to use such content. In case you publish (live or prerecorded) content in your event containing materials like music, song titles and/or imagery copyrighted by third party rights owners you agree to have cleared the use of copyrighted imagery in advance, and/or provide for such an event a list of titles and rights holder names in the NOTV event cue sheet. NOTV will take care of applicable copyright / royalty payments to the applicable collecting societies. NOTV will hold you liable for any omissions in the cue sheet as provided by you for such an event. See our Terms & Conditions.


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