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What hardware & software do I need to publish (stream) my event?


You can use e.g. your iPhone to record and stream your event. This may be sufficient for e.g. readings or lessons. However, using multiple videocamera’s and microphones will ensure the best viewer experience for live concerts etc.!
Next to camera(s) and microphone(s) you need a PC or laptop. We advise to use a modern, powerful PC or laptop for live encoding. Encoding is CPU intensive. Base specs are 8GB memory and 4 core CPU. Any recent MacBook or similar Windows laptop should be sufficient.
You make the final live stream mix on your PC or laptop with the streaming software of your choice, like OBS , vMix or ECAMM. This is free software and quite easy to use.
We provide you with the codes to connect the software to the NOTV Content Delivery Network.
Make sure your internet upload connection is at least 10 Mbps.
Enter the codes and when all is ready to go live: press “STREAM”. You’re airborne. More info.


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