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What is NOTV?


NOTV is an online video platform that offers you the possibility to stream your events (like concerts, performances, lessons etc.) to a worldwide audience. Yes, there are other platforms, like Youtube, that do that too. But as a groundbreaking full-service platform NOTV also takes care of your ticket sales, copyrights payments and promotion. No other platform offers this! Even better: our do-it-yourself service makes it available for everyone, at low cost. Simplicity is our mission!

When will NOTV go live?


We have built the platform and are beta-testing in the months to come. We expect to go live in summer 2022 with our full Do-It-Yourself service. Stay tuned for announcements in social media and press, or subscribe to our newsletter! Interested to do a pilot project with us? Contact us!

How is NOTV different from Youtube, Facebook or Instagram?


NOTV is a secure video streaming platform where you control everything. No disturbing ads, no piracy, no copyright blocking worries. Thereby NOTV is unique as you can (optionally) geofence your stream and sell tickets for your events (like live concerts). We also handle the copyrights payments to the applicable collecting societies, and help you with marketing and promotion.
As no other platform offers these options, this combination of services makes NOTV unique. More info.

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