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Optimise your prerecorded live stream video or VOD video before streaming or uploading


Before uploading your video to NOTV we strongly recommend to optimise (encode) your source video to the following settings:

Video format: .MP4
Video codec: H264
Video bitrate: SD 640×360 or 768×432: 1 Mbps / HD 1280×720: 2,5 Mbps / HD 1920×1080: 5 Mbps
Framerate: 25 frames per second
Audio codec: AAC-LC or AAC
Audio bitrate: 160-256 Kbps for stereo music; 96-128Kbps for stereo voice

Several video encoding apps are available, e.g. handbrake.fr (free).

Can I play other artists songs?


Yes, of course. However, just like playing those songs (copyrighted by others) during a live concert in a bar, club or theatre, royalty payments are due. Don’t worry: NOTV makes this very simple: you just provide the songs and artist names in the cue sheet we provide you online (just like the venue normally asks you to do), and we take care of all due payments to the applicable collecting societies. See also the LEGAL f.a.q. below.

To which countries can I stream my event?


NOTV can stream your event worldwide. However, when you create your event you have the option to apply geolocking to restrict the availability of your stream to one or more selected countries, or even to a local area (location-based) via geofencing.
Note: Some countries like North and South Korea and China may block streams. Avoid streaming to those countries!

Can NOTV help me organise and/or produce my event?


Sure we can! We can help you to organise part or whole of your event, and/or send our Stream Team to your event location to take care of all audio and video recording and actual streaming. They bring the right gear and press the right buttons. You can send us your event application request here.

Can I interact with my online audience?


Your live stream takes 10 to 30 seconds to reach your audience anywhere in the world. Realtime chatting is therefore hardly an option (though getting questions from your viewers is of course possible by using a separate chatbox). However we are working to add an interactivity feature in the future.

What are optimal recording and streaming settings?


RECORDING Videocodec: H264 Video bitrates: 424×240 512 Kbps (Baseline 3.2); 640×360 1 Mbps (Baseline 3.2); 1280×720 2,5 Mbps (High 4.1); 1920×1080 5 Mbps (High 4.1). Audio codec: AAC-LC or AAC. When AAC is not an option for you, you should use MP3 Samplerate: 48Khz. Framerate: Set the framerate to 25 frames per second or lower. Keyframes: Should be sent every 2 seconds (so if the frame rate is 25 frames per second, a keyframe should be inserted every 50 frames). ENCODING SETTINGS (OBS etc.) Output Mode: Simple Video bitrate: HD 1920×1080: 2 to 6 Mbps / 1280×720:... (read on)

What hardware & software do I need to publish (stream) my event?


You can use e.g. your iPhone to record and stream your event. This may be sufficient for e.g. readings or lessons. However, using multiple videocamera’s and microphones will ensure the best viewer experience for live concerts etc.! Next to camera(s) and microphone(s) you need a PC or laptop. We advise to use a modern, powerful PC or laptop for live encoding. Encoding is CPU intensive. Base specs are 8GB memory and 4 core CPU. Any recent MacBook or similar Windows laptop should be sufficient. You make the final live stream mix on your PC or laptop with the streaming software of your... (read on)

Can I stream a prerecorded video?


Yes. Creating a prerecorded video has the advantage of filming in advance, taking your best footage and adding e.g. special intro’s, interviews, overlays, credit rolls, subtitles etc. You can stream this recording on a scheduled date & time (like an actual live recording) using the same streaming software (like OBS , vMix or ECAMM). Especially useful when you want to stream your event worldwide on 3 different time zones.

What content can I stream?


In principle you can stream any content you want, as long as you have the rights to do so. It is up to you to assess what your audience will find interesting, and (if you charge a ticket price) if they will be willing to pay to see it. However, if you create an event on NOTV you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any laws (including copyrights) be it of your country, the country where NOTV is hosted or International Law. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned... (read on)

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