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Enabling location detection on your smartphone


Location-based services and events require your device to know your geographical location. Your device’s location is detected by its GPS, cellular network connection, IP address and/or Wifi. If you experience problems with detecting your location, make sure that your device has enabled location detection. Need help? Click iOS instructions or Android instructions.
Note: pinpointing your location may be disabled if you use VPN. Result: your device may sometimes show an inaccurate location and the location-based content may not be accessible!

What is a ‘location-based’ event?


A location-based event is limited by micro-geofencing and therefore only available within a specific area (perimeter), like a park, city square or beach. Where generally an event will be available in specific countries or even in the whole world, the option to make your event location-based opens up a plethora of exciting event formats or business cases (scarcity creates demand!). More info.

What is geofencing?


NOTV events can be geofenced if you want. This means that your content/event can only be viewed in a specific country (by ‘geo locking‘) or only within a local area (perimeter) set by you, the event creator (by ‘geo fencing‘). This can be done for copyright reasons or to create innovative business models (scarcity creates demand!). More info.

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