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How do I watch streams on my TV?


NOTV delivers all streams to all popular IOS and Android smartphones, tablets, computers and Airplay and Chromecast devices as well. APPLE AIRPLAY If you are on a Safari web browser or iPhone, you will be able to cast to your TV using the Airplay icon in the player to connect to your AppleTV device. Alternative is to use screen mirroring. GOOGLE CHROMECAST If you are on a Google Chrome browser, you will be able to cast to your TV using the Chromecast icon. Note: If you do not have a nearby Google Chromecast-enabled device to connect to, then you will not see this icon in the player. We... (read on)

I live in a different timezone. Can I still watch a scheduled live concert?


Yes. To enable viewers anywhere in the world to watch a live concert or event at a suitable local time (instead of 05:00 am in the morning), worldwide live events can be offered in e.g. three different time zones (e.g. for the Americas, Europe or Asia). Effectively this means that such an event is ‘semi-live’, being offered as three identical (semi-live) events, but each having a different start time. You can buy tickets for the event with a start time that suits you best.

How do I watch the streams?


To watch a stream click on the GO TO STREAM button in your confirmation email (which you received after purchasing a ticket). Just revisiting the event page on a later moment may result in the “Invalid ticket” error notification. You can stream NOTV events on any internet-connected device. We support streaming on media players, Smart TVs, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. Once you have purchased a ticket, simply click the link in your email or go to WATCH EVENTS and select the event you want to watch. The stream may start some time in advance. Your ticket lets... (read on)

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