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The Fools Ark


Watch film: €5,00

  • Type: Video on demand (pay-per-view)
  • Duration: 46 minutes
  • Price: €5,00

The Fall & Rise of the Fool’s Ark is an enchanting animation movie by DADARA & JESSE accompanied by the music of LAMB and HIPOPTIMIST. The colorful surrealistic roadmovie plays on the background of the legendary Burningman Festival in the USA. In a mix of realworld film and computer animations the movie tells the story of Greyman, king of globalism, starting a battle against the Fools Ark, a gigantic wooden ship which ends up in flames in the salt desert of Nevada.
The blending of film and animation provides an audio-visual journey through long forgotten worlds: a magic encounter of reality and fantasy, accompanied by the best tracks of Lamb and Hipoptimist.

Directed and produced by DADARA & JESSE.
This album contains (partly remixed) worldhits of LAMB, plus 4 new (previously unreleased) tracks by Andy Barlow’s HIPOPTIMIST.
Voice-over by Barry Hay (Golden Earring).


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